Living with a melanoma

here we go again

We have been quiet for a while, lots of emotional adjustment to do.  And just when we thought we were getting ‘sorted’ , that gut wrenching request ‘could you come in to get the results of your biopsy – tomorrow’.  You just know don’t you?  The most recent CT had shown 2 lymph nodes, ultrasound guided biopsy found one – histology found malignant cells.  We were told today, efficiently, effectively and honestly.  With compassion and understanding (and an offer of tea – that’s when you know its really bad).  So – lymph node clearance in the other side as ‘urgent’ – next couple of weeks.

More hospital, more pain and a drainage tube – deep joy!!

And the prognosis?  Let’s just say its not good.


Comments on: "here we go again" (3)

  1. melanie said:


  2. Thanks for the update, Marion. Love and support in whatever way you would like to receive it.

  3. So sorry to hear your news. Sending much love and many prayers to you both. xx

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