Living with a melanoma


Its funny how you measure good news isn’t it?


Today Steve has heard that he has a clear CT scan and needs no further surgery.  That is good news.  He does have two intransit secondaries (not another primary as we were told).  This means that there has been spread from the first melanoma which was on his back but as its spread locally its not as bad as if the spread was a long way from the original.  (The two new ones are on his abdomen) .  He remains at Stage 3 – which is better than it might have been.


The treatment is continued surveillance (he sees the surgeon again in 3 months and a CT in 6 months time) – and clear instructions to get on with life. 


Barcelona here we come!


Comments on: "news" (4)

  1. Well done for following instructions. Barcelona sounds like an excellent plan!

  2. Wayne & Glenna said:

    Praise God! Good news and may you have continued peace

    Wayne & Glenna

  3. Phew! That is good news, was thinking of you today. Enjoy Barcelona xx

  4. Good to see both of you today. Just focusing on the good news. Shoe shopping in Spain to be recommended.

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