Living with a melanoma


I’m an impatient sort of person; if something needs doing its best done straight away.  Procrastination just isn’t in my vocabulary.   If the rubbish needs putting out, it needs putting out now.  There is never a pile of ironing and the washing up always gets done.  Now, depending on your viewpoint, I am either a paragon of virtue or a complete pain in the whatsit.  No comment is probably your safest bet.   So you can imagine that I have been tested over the last few weeks as we wait for Steve’s results, as have many of you.   Let me tell you, I would have phoned to find out, demanding that someone, somewhere, finds out and tells me – now.  Steve has a different approach – he actually doesn’t want to know and would rather remain in a state of unknowing.   I therefore oscillate between; the nurse hasn’t phoned because she has; forgotten / not got the results/ is off sick;  can’t face telling us awful news over the phone.  Its made planning difficult; that’s the understatement of the year.  We have had to decide whether to plan as if all will be well or not bother at all.  You will notice that I am fairly black & white in my thinking – there are no 50 shades of grey for me, ( that’s a different blog). 

So, plan we have.  Gym number two soon to be kitted out and is that number 3 we see on the horizon?   An extra bit of kit into number two (that’s another, different blog), some management training for our 2 fab gym leaders and a team building day for all the staff.  Oh, and lets plan Christmas.   Apparently a fake tree complete with polystyrene falling snow has been sourced – I can hardly wait.  

We don’t know what Monday will bring, worrying won’t change the outcome.  So in the meantime we will Keep Calm and Carry On – meanwhile, is that some washing that needs folding?


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  1. Thinking of you xxxxxx

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