Living with a melanoma

its so tough

If you are in a relationship I bet that every now and again you get a bit cross with your ‘other half’.  Depending on what sort of people you are, you probably react differently.  Failing to do something or doing something that it would be better not to have done  usually elicits some sort of response.   For some couples its a steely silence of a duration measured in hours (or days) for others a full blown row accompanied by much shouting and door slamming.  I guess that more often than not, its somewhere in between and dependent on the severity of the ‘crime’.  

Much as I wish it didn’t happen, Steve and I can irritate each other.  And do you know, Steve’s cancer hasn’t stopped this – but what it has altered (or is altering ) is my reaction.  I am trying so hard not to fly off the handle.  Those of you who know me well will know that this requires real determination on my part.   (My default position for lots of situations is ‘off the handle’) 

Cancer isn’t just about surgery, scans and drugs you know, its about love, time and forgiveness.  Its about acceptance and tolerance, repair and recuperation.   Most of all, its about today because tomorrow might be very tricky.  


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