Living with a melanoma

Ben Hunt-Davis (an Olympic rower) – has written a great book ‘Will it make the boat row faster?’ – the focus is on deciding if what you are planning adds to your core business or is it an unnecessary frill?  Steve is more keen, he tells me, on ‘does it stop the boat from sinking?’.  So, is what we are going to do next going to keep us afloat?  Will it buoy us up, keep us positive?  If it is likely to drag us down – we are just not going to do it, if it is likely to rob us of precious time – we’re not doing it.  At first, this feels selfish, but its not – its pragmatic and realistic.  We have limited time together – we are not about to sink under the weight of the worry and the ‘what ifs’ – we are going to keep afloat for as long as we can, one day at a time.  So, this cold wet evening we are off to the caravan – nothing like a bit of sea air to stir the soul!

I did get asked today which of two very grand Barcelona hotels I preferred .   Can I feel a bit of a plan taking place?  Get those results (whatever they may be) and I can feel a few days on a different coast line keeping us afloat for sometime!


Comments on: "does it make the boat row faster?" (2)

  1. Betty & John said:

    I reminder of what we sing in church:-
    “In your presence we find strength to face the day”
    with our prayers,

  2. We planned a boat trip on a lake today. Got a bus there – had a very loooooooooooong lunch and realised we had not enough time to go on the lake before our chosen bus back. Ah well. Might try again another day – boat first then lunch. You are so right – it’s all about choices!!! Treasure yours.
    Love and prayers. Joan x

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