Living with a melanoma

As you can imagine – we have been looking closely at our priorities recently.

In fact, we began this BC (before cancer) – we remembered Nick and his ‘Big Rocks’ which were the subject of a sermon one Sunday.  I looked up the work of Stephen Covey and his discussion about the important things in life.  Then we bought a whole batch of amazingly coloured marbles (don’t know the collective noun for marbles!) and found some appropriate jars.

We bought 3 large marbles, 5 medium marbles and many many small ones.  Then the fun began.  We decided our 3 main priorities in our life together (I’m not going to tell you what they were – or what they are now – somethings are too private!). What ticks all your boxes? For example they could be;

  • your children
  • your faith
  • work

Then we did the next tier of importance with the medium sized marbles.  Again, some ideas;

  • reading a book
  • doing exercise
  • getting that essay written
  • cooking good meals
  • phoning a friend


then we thought about the smallest marbles;

  • watching TV
  • washing the kitchen floor
  • the ironing
  • surfing the internet
  • checking facebook 20 times an hour

I could go on and on!

Then we had fun – we put all the tiny marbles in the jar first – and guess what – there was a precious little room for the medium marbles and no room at all for the big ones.  Oh, so no space in our life for the things that matter?

We tried again – this time we put the big marbles in first, easy to fit in – then the medium ones and then we could fit all the small ones in too because they fitted round the big ones.

So never has this held more poignancy for us – if you don’t prioritize the big things in life you will quickly fill all the available space with  the trivia and there will be no room for things that really matter.

We have the jar of marbles on a shelf in the dining room – just so we don’t forget to make space for the things that really matter.



Comments on: "Marbles" (6)

  1. Very true. makes me think !

  2. Wow! This is awesome so inspired. Would you mind if I share this on my blog sometime?

  3. Ali burton said:

    Those words are so true, been thinking about you both so much. What a wonderful couple you are lots of love to you both I will Always be here for you. Xx

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